Error finding token when trying to upload


Error finding token when trying to upload


Applies to:

  • Codecov Uploader
  • Codecov CLI


Users receive the following error:

There was an error running the uploader:
Error uploading to
Error: There was an error fetching the storage URL during POST: 404 - {'detail': ErrorDetail(string='Could not find a repository, try using repo upload token', code='not_found')}


This message is usually seen on a public repo when you are not using an upload token. The reason is usually due to GitHub rate limits.


What this means is we ran out of API rate limit quota and were not able to make API calls to GitHub for information regarding your commit. The best way around that, is if you could install and grant it access to this repo. That way, the API calls will use a custom token from your account, with it's own set of rate limits. This will prevent you from encountering issues caused by using Codecov's general token.

In case you are wondering how this differs from the upload token, the upload token is what tells Codecov that, while this is a public repo, you re the one actually uploading coverage for it. The API Token that gets created by the app is used for API calls to GitHub to fetch commit data, and send comments. Yes, it's a public repo, but GitHub needs a token for certain calls, regardless of repo visibility.

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