Codecov UI reports an error, but my upload was successful


Codecov reports an error on the website, but not in my CI


Applies To

  • Codecov Customers
  • Errors
  • Report processing



  • Why does Codecov say that my report is unusable, but the uploader or CLI says success?


Codecov intentionally does not fail the upload step be design. If you want the step to fail when an upload errors, pass the `--fail-on-error` flag to the CLI, or the `--nonZero` flag to the uploader. Our other upload wrapper have similar options.


The other reason is that the upload process is only the start of the operations that result in a processed report. The upload kicks off an asynchronous task chain. Any errors in that chain would not be able to be know to the upload step. It can only reflect errors with the upload itself.

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